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Over 100 Unmarked Burials Identified in African-American Cemetery in Rye, NY

Heritage recently conducted a documentation, mapping, photogrammetric, and geophysical survey of the African-American Cemetery in Rye, New York. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Town of Rye, in fulfillment of a National Parks Service African American Civil Rights Grant awarded to the Town.

The survey involved detailed hand recordation and mapping of each of the headstones and other grave markers within the cemetery, which was established as a burying ground in 1860. Through the course of this work, Heritage created three-dimensional models of each headstone, prepared a detailed map of all features within the cemetery, and conducted a Ground Penetrating Radar survey of the entire cemetery.

Three dimensional reconstruction of a headstone within the African Cemetery

Dr. David Leslie recently presented the preliminary results of this research to the Town of Rye Town Council, including the conclusions that there is good geophysical evidence for over 100 unmarked burials within the cemetery grounds. Heritage remains deeply honored to have participated in this important work for the Town of Rye. You can read and learn more about the preliminary results of the survey below.

MyRye.com Coverage of the Preliminary Results

News12 Coverage of the Preliminary Results

Posted on 4/26/2024 Copyright Heritage Consultants, LLC